Set StackOverflow as your default search engine in Chrome.

You are always searching for answers in Google and being landed on StackOverflow pages, So why don’t you try to set StackOverflow as your default search engine instead of Google.

I know Google is always right in its own way of finding results according to your past historical data, but this is a kinda crazy idea for only programmers who love StackOverflow.

If you want to thank StackOverflow, find it “How to thank StackOverflow”

The keywords you search in Google and StackOverflow are different, you can use friendly or unfriendly error messages directly on StackOverflow search bar, not like Google. So be a “Search expert” in StackOverflow by searching directly on StackOverflow not only on Google which will lead you to remember more keywords and your productivity.

  1. Go to this Chrome URL : chrome://settings/searchEngines
  2. Click add button under “Default search engines”
  3. Fill the form like below

URL with %s in place of query should be

4. Search the added search engine address, click more and click make default

That’s all you can now directly search on StackOverflow from the address bar.

Enjoy your search :)

Thank me later.

I’m Aslam Anver find me on GitHub and StackOverflow as aslamanver & googlian

Passionate in AI Deep Learning, Find me on GitHub & StackOverflow

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