The modern look is always better with powerful features.

GitHub changed its look for 2020

Finally, some expected UI has been launched with some cool stuff.

Finally, the UI has been released with the feature preview.

GitHub has been in an ordinary UI look for many years so far, but they have been trying to give so many new features for developers such as GitHub Actions and automated pull requests for security vulnerabilities.

Anyway, those features are out of the UI looks but finally they’ve made something on the look of the UI as all the developers expected.

The old repository view,

GitHub old look

Now, this is the time to play around some cool stuff of the UI,

GitHub new look

If you don’t see this preview on your GitHub account as default, you can try to activate this feature by clicking your profile and click the feature preview button to enable both as below,

Feature preview enable/disable

You can disable it anytime while this feature is still in a preview mode.

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